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Why do we Lie?

Lying destroys relationships and damages the bonds between human beings. The Journal of Intercultural Communication Research (2016) states that “we all lie, but not all lies are the same. People lie to achieve a goal: WE LIE IF [we believe] HONESTY WON’T WORK. Essentially the truth comes naturally, but lying takes effort and a sharp, flexible mind. Lying is a part of the development process, like walking and talking. Children learn to lie between the ages two and five, and

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Can A Marriage Survive Infidelity?

Marriages are often in crisis due to infidelity. Let me present a common scenario. The husband has been unfaithful to his vows and has had several affairs. The wife is extremely upset and struggles to cope with her feelings of betrayal and anger. The wife has been searching the literature for information about infidelity in hopes of better understanding what has happened to her and her marriage. She has been further upset by what she has read. All of the

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