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EMDR: A Client and Therapist Perspective

EMDR has been used and researched for 25 years, and is considered a highly effective therapy for resolving trauma. Nevertheless, it remains somewhat mysterious and misunderstood. Written explanations can become jargon filled very quickly. Visual demonstrations of the process can raise concerns as it looks strange. In an effort to shed some light on the EMDR process, we offer a personal account of EMDR therapy and a discussion of some common questions about EMDR. Mia: My husband and I suffered

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Bouncing Back From Trauma

Adversity impacts the world around us. Few of us will make it through life unscathed. Personal tragedies, traumatic injuries, loss of health, chaotic relationships and financial reversals are just a few of the near normal events that can shake us to our foundation. However, we also hear of individuals who seem to take life’s difficulties in stride, and “bounce back” unexpectedly well with attitudes of determination and perseverance. Often these people become heroes of sorts in our families or culture

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Debriefing Traumatic Events

An article in the London Daily Telegraph quoted a study by Dutch scientists which suggests that victims of traumatic events who are undergoing recovery are hindered rather than helped by the introduction of Critical Incident Stress Debriefing (CISD). These scientists go on to theorize that CISD interventions may discourage victims from seeking help from family and friends where healing does occur. Claims such as this generally create confusion among trauma victims and it is helpful to understand how traumas impact

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