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The Legacy of Divorce

As psychologists and counsellors we see numerous examples of wretched, demeaning, abusive, and unfaithful marriages. We are keenly aware of the loneliness and suffering of many adults and of their serious efforts to improve their lives before and after divorce. The decision to separate or divorce is often one of the most difficult decisions a couple will ever have to make in their lifetime. Most worry about what will happen to their children and how to best help them. Alternatively,

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Wake up Guys!!

Many guys are losing their marriages and they don’t know it. Gone is the day when a guy can work and “bring home the bacon” and think that he is fulfilling his role as a husband and father. That may have been what Dad did but it’s not enough anymore (and probably wasn’t then either). I’ve seen the pattern many times. A couple is busy with work and children and do not have much time for each other. The relationship

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