Marriage Can Be Great! (no, really)

Book by Denis Boyd

This book is in response to the many couples Denis has met who are looking for the necessary tools to create a great marriage.

Softcover Price: $19.05 plus HST plus S&H. Also available as E-book!
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Compact Discs

1) Stress Survival

Feeling overwhelmed, out of focus and exhausted? You may be stressed out. How do you cope with stress? Do you have a “stress survival program?”

This presentation outlines symptoms and sources of everyday stress. Learn some practical solutions for managing stress.

Stress Survival (CD Sample 1)

Stress Survival (CD Sample 2)

Duration: 80 min.
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Free: Guide: PTSD Following Critical Illness

This guide is for:

* People who have survived a frightening medical experience, such as being admitted to critical care (intensive care).
* People who have been hospitalized with severe medical problems related to COVID-19.
* Their family and friends.
* Mental health and medical professionals who want to understand more about how to help.

The guide gives information about:

* How you might feel after spending time in intensive care.
* Psychoeducation about PTSD.
* Things about intensive care that can contribute to the development of PTSD.
* Information about delirium.
* Psychological approaches to treating PTSD.
* Signposting to evidence-based treatment.
* Treatment pointers for mental health professionals working with patients who have PTSD following admission to intensive care.