Author: Tamara Williams

Dr. Tamara Williams is a registered psychologist that has over a decade of experience working with babies, children, youth, young adults, and parents. She works with children and youth up to the age of 25 along with their parents and siblings. Tamara is an attachment-based counsellor who believes that healthy relationships are an essential component of mental health.

Tamara has experience with a number of approaches including: cognitive behavioural therapy(CBT), solution focused, play-based, educational, attachment, Circle of Security, and existential. She is passionate about helping parents of infants, preschoolers, and school age children survive and thrive through the challenges of the early years while helping them set a foundation for life long mental health. Tamara works with a wide range of concerns from the tantrums of the toddler years to the challenges of high school and the first years of college. Her aim is to provide a compassionate environment for families while supporting them towards their goals.

Tamara has experience working with individuals dealing with trauma, families who are adopting or fostering a child, anxiety, depression, and adjusting to parenthood. She is passionate about helping young adults face the increasing challenges facing them. Tamara enjoys working with individuals from diverse backgrounds.

Dr. Williams is a passionate public speaker who enjoys presenting in retreat, community, and university settings on topics related to her expertise. Past talks include: “Emotionally Accessible Spaces for Everyone”, “Promoting Attachment in Children”, and “Coping Skills”. Dr. Williams is happy-to tailor a presentation to the unique needs of a particular group.

Tamara received her HBSc in Psychology with a Developmental Specialty from McMaster University, her MA from Trinity Western University, and her PhD in counselling psychology from the University of British Columbia. She is a member of the BC College of Psychologists, the Canadian Psychological Association, and the BC Psychological Association.


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