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A Day in the Life of Ann Xiety

As the alarm went off signalling the start of another day, Ann could already feel an all too familiar sensation in her stomach. A knot was forming in her lower abdomen as she anticipated her day – a day at school. As she lay in bed she became increasingly aware of her body’s response to the thought of going to school. She recalled that as a younger child, she would often cry and complain to her parents of numerous aches

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Do Your Homework

As an old proverbs states « Tell me and I forget. Show me and I remember. Involve me and I understand. » In a few words, this wise saying reminds us that discussion, reflection or analysis are not sufficient to effect lasting change. If we want to make a real difference in our lives, we need to take action because we truly learn and change by doing. That is why therapists will often provide homework assignments and stress the importance

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It’s So Unfair!

When we see two people who are angry with each other, we often find that their argument is about feelings of injustice on a personal level. One or possibly both will become angry because they feel they have been treated unfairly by the other. Each wants justice; it’s part of their human nature. In their minds they believe that if they could just set the record straight or get the other to change their behavior then all will be well

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Debriefing Traumatic Events

An article in the London Daily Telegraph quoted a study by Dutch scientists which suggests that victims of traumatic events who are undergoing recovery are hindered rather than helped by the introduction of Critical Incident Stress Debriefing (CISD). These scientists go on to theorize that CISD interventions may discourage victims from seeking help from family and friends where healing does occur. Claims such as this generally create confusion among trauma victims and it is helpful to understand how traumas impact

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The Challenge of Being Single Again

It can be a huge challenge to be “single again” after years of marriage. Divorce rates are at an all time high and may even be getting worse. Many people are alone again after years of being married. Major adjustments need to be made. Some people say they initially like the change because it is a nice break from all the hassling which may have taken place in the dying marriage. It can be very stressful living in a dying

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Interview with a Child Psychologist

Longtime child and family psychologist, Nancy Michel, is interviewed here by psychologist, Simon Hearn. Simon: How did you get into working with children and families? Nancy: I’ve always enjoyed working with children. I find them intriguing. As a psychologist, it’s a nice place to be, working with people who have a long life ahead of them, and there’s a lot of potential to use the changes they make through counselling. Simon: You’ve been doing this a long time. Nancy: Twenty-three

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Surviving Teen “Boot Camp”

The high school years can feel like a prolonged episode of “Survivor” for many teens. After feeling inadequate through most of his high school years, one young man likened his high school years to “four years of boot camp”. He constantly struggled with loneliness and fears of rejection. What this young man did not realize is that the one commonality we share with every other person is that we are all inadequate. No one has a perfect life. If we

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Anxiety in Children

Robert smiled politely but cringed silently as his best friend, Tyler, passed out birthday party invitations. They’d been best buddies since preschool and Tyler had been talking about his ninth birthday party celebration at Silvercity for weeks. None of their friends would ever suspect that the excitement they shared in anticipation of this party was feigned on Robert’s part; he himself could not understand why he had begun to dread leaving the house and going places that used to excite

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