Author: Nancy Michel

For over twenty-five years, Nancy has practiced as a Psychologist, specializing in the assessment and treatment of children, adolescents and families. She has worked in a range of settings, including both private and government clinics and treatment settings and, since 1991, with Denis Boyd and Associates.

Nancy’s interests and experience include treatment of a range of emotional, behavioural and developmental concerns as well as supporting children and families challenged by trauma, change and loss. Nancy also mentors children, adolescents and families in their efforts to grow in healthy and effective ways.

Nancy graduated from the University of British Columbia in 1977 with her Master of Arts in Clinical Psychology. She is a member of the B.C. Psychological Association.

Caught in the Middle: Supporting the Child Through Parental Divorce

Last week I learned that a young couple I know had recently separated.  I remembered their wedding and the promising future they imagined together.  I don’t know the circumstances of their separation but I do hope that they have tried hard to make their marriage work; that knowledge will be important to their children.  I also hope that they are committed to working on an effective partnership as co-parents to their two young girls.  I hope that they are supported

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ADHD in 2014

Most people have some understanding of what is meant by Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD). However, some may not realize that this diagnosis relies on specific criteria and needs to be made by a medical expert- a doctor or psychologist. While it is true that all children can at times be distractible, impulsive and hyperactive, these behaviors are much more prevalent in a child with ADHD. For a child with ADHD, symptoms of attentional limitation, distractibility and/ or hyperactivity and

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I Just Can’t Stop It

Eight year old Matthew, a handsome youngster in a Canucks jersey, appeared alert and polite, albeit a little anxious, when I greeted him in my waiting room. After settling Matthew into a drawing activity, I interviewed his parents regarding their son. They described Matthew, the eldest of three children, as succeeding in almost all aspects of his life- at school, with his peers, and in the hockey arena alongside his teammates. Over the last several months, Matt had become increasingly

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You Too Can Help

A child’s accommodation to parental divorce is influenced by his experiences at the time of separation. While most parents acknowledge concern for their children in the face of parental separation, many are nevertheless limited in their abilities to clearly understand their children’s experiences or needs related to that significant change to the family. A parent’s objectivity may be skewed by his own intense emotions such as disappointment, anger, blame, guilt and panic in response to separation. At such time, the

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Back-to-School Anxiety

While approaching a new school year is exciting for most children, others anticipate a new grade, a new classroom, and a new teacher with mounting anxiety, even dread. Research shows that some children are biologically predisposed to resist change and to withdraw from new situations. These children have been described temperamentally as Slow to Warm Up; that is, they are characteristically negative and anxious in the face of new or unfamiliar experiences. Their anxiety may be experienced through such symptoms

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A Resolution for My Dad

Toby looked quizzically at his father, who paused as he considered the question his own sister, Toby’s aunt, had just posed. What was his New Year’s Resolution going to be? Toby’s own resolution had been easy- to continue in his quest to be the first student in Miss Picton’s grade three class to read 100 books, thereby winning the coveted prize, a $25 Playdium certificate…but who would he go with? …his Mom or his Dad?…His Dad seemed to really like

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Interview with a Child Psychologist

Longtime child and family psychologist, Nancy Michel, is interviewed here by psychologist, Simon Hearn. Simon: How did you get into working with children and families? Nancy: I’ve always enjoyed working with children. I find them intriguing. As a psychologist, it’s a nice place to be, working with people who have a long life ahead of them, and there’s a lot of potential to use the changes they make through counselling. Simon: You’ve been doing this a long time. Nancy: Twenty-three

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Anxiety in Children

Robert smiled politely but cringed silently as his best friend, Tyler, passed out birthday party invitations. They’d been best buddies since preschool and Tyler had been talking about his ninth birthday party celebration at Silvercity for weeks. None of their friends would ever suspect that the excitement they shared in anticipation of this party was feigned on Robert’s part; he himself could not understand why he had begun to dread leaving the house and going places that used to excite

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