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Get More Out of Life

Do you want more out of life, something different, a new way of doing things and yet you do not have a clear idea of how to bring this about? Perhaps you have tried everything you can think of but things are not improving. You may be feeling overwhelmed by the events in your life. You may have experienced a catastrophe, loss or trauma (recent or buried in the past) and your coping skills have been stretched to the limit.

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Memory Loss With Aging

Have you ever gone to another room to fetch an item only to forget what you were after? Do you sometimes forget the names of close friends? Do you ever look up a telephone number, then forget it before you can finish dialing? Have you ever known an elderly person who could tell you that June 3, 1906 was a hot, sunny Tuesday, but can’t remember what they had for today’s breakfast? Sometimes these events make us laugh but sometimes

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